Saturday, 20 April 2013

Taylor Kitsch Weight

During an interview with Men’s Health magazine the famous Canadian star Taylor Kitsch regretted of the decreasing weight sharply in order to play a starring role in his new film.
The 30 years old sexy actor was in the past expert as a trained nutritionist, and he lost 35 £ (2.5 st) in two month in order to take a starring role in 2010 movie.
Taylor declared that he hated the aftereffects on his body after losing 35 £ in two month, so it was so stupid, and a lot of actors would not do the same thing.
it is just a strange way , and being trained nutritionist , I found that thing so difficult , which changed my life , my confidence , and all my things , as he said.

I was very emotional and I had night bad dreams and I could not sleep as it was zoo.
Taylor kitsch subjected all his efforts in his work because he hated to hear that someone being in depression from his efforts.
 In The Bang Bang club 2010 movie, Taylor Kitsch was taking the role of Kevin Carter, one of four young brave photographers in Bang Bang Club, and they dated the violence events which happened in South Africa as its move from Racial Discrimination into a free country in early of 90 s.
Taylor Kitsch was subjected to many physical and psychological effects, so during his weight losing time he was as a one had to pay taxes every day.
It was not a smart way; I tried to run at least ten miles every day, depending on fruits and coffee, as he claimed.
The new star Taylor kitsch has a busy year throughout his acting career in Friday Night Flight, John Carter, and Battleship. 


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