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Taylor Kitsch Interview

I will speak toady about his interview after three big movies which raised his career to be a starring in Hollywood world, so we will speak about Taylor Kitsch and what he said in his interview.

He moved from Canada , and he had been living there since Friday Night Flight. So he  was surprised when he went once to watch a high school football game and saw about 15,000 people watching 14-16 year old play, it was incredible for him.
Taylor Kitsch played pretty darn competitive-level hockey and he was pro as hockey player, but his knee injured and he stopped playing since that.
Taylor likes the Texan fashion because it is real, comfortable, gritty, flashy, and blue-collar as he claims.
He built a house in Austin not in Los Angles because he needed to run away from limelight, so he can come and escape and be himself as he said.
So he admitted that he built a house after three big films that raise his career for better.
So he made three big movies in 2012 so it was crazy and important year for him which are : Battleship, John Carter, and Savages.
Battleship and John Carter are great, and expensive films for the new starring actor Taylor Kitsch.
Taylor focused on the loss of John Carter ‘s family and read a ton of books and letters in order to teach himself a lot and even the way he fights. Then Taylor took the role and loved it so much.
He spoke how he did Martin jumps and explained that they’re on some lake bed in middle of Utah , and there are two cranes about 500 feet height, so he was doing 50-foot jumps on that wire.
So he said that he had a big mistake in doing that action because he was in her house where there are 40-inch TV, a bed, and a full shower . Then he came to this area where there is no Electricity and shower but there are screaming and it was so cold.
So he will star with Benicio Del Toro and John Travolta in Oliver Stone’s Savages as he claims.

In May he was with the director Peter Berg together , and it was funny way when he called him for the Battleship movie.
Taylor was in London when Peter called him and he travelled to him in order to call him about the Battleship Movie , Peter is confident when he needs something he gets as Taylor described him.
Berg helped him so much and he asked him to make a lot of emotions during his acting.
The sexy man during his interview shows off James Dean’s eternal style.
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