Thursday, 4 July 2013

Taylor Kitsch Wants an “Outdoorsy” Type of Girl

Taylor Kitsch wants active girl and outdoorsy type of girl who can share him on his activities and adventures. Taylor Kitsch is very active and he likes to do a lot of things,
when they asked him what kind of girls he wants? He said that he does not determine special kind of women but he said the most important thing should be in the women is being active and she has to join him all his enjoyment and activities. Taylor Kitsch said about himself that he is very active man and he has got two motorbikes so he likes going on his bike in the country and he likes going in sea trips in his boat and he likes going hiking and all kinds of sports so his girl should be active and outdoorsy type to make all the activities and sports with him. Taylor adds that he used to be a personal trainer and he said he does not love the girls who stay for a long time to take care of their appearance, Taylor Kitsch said he likes the natural look for the girl which is being as herself without any changes . Then he said that he is very natural and normal person, he wakes up and ready to go to anywhere and in the case of girls he does not like the girl who stands for hour to do her makeup before going outside , he adds that he pays attention to what girls wear, and he said that he does not like the girls who wear high waited jeans. He likes the simple look, he does not like the complicated appear . Taylor Kitsch simple guy and he likes the simple girl who should be active to make all the activities together.  


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