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It is fantastic film and is considered one of the best factors that raise the popularity of the star Taylor Kitsch to high place among of Hollywood stars. See let me give you some information about this amazing movie and advise you to see it if you have not watched it yet.
Savages are an American thriller crime movie. It is directed by Oliver Stone and based on the novel which carries the same name by Don Winslow. Shane Salerno, Stone and Winslow wrote the screenplay of this movie. It is released in July 6, 2012, and stars Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, Salma Hayek, and Emile Hirsch.
Plot of the movie:
The film revolves around two best friends Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and ben (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are living in Laguna, California and they are marijuana growers. Chon is a former Navy Seal he got the help of Ben after he smuggled the seeds for the plants out of Afghanistan, to cultivate them. Ben graduated in business and botany of University of California, Berkeley. A potent strain of marijuana is yielded by these seeds made the two friends very wealthy and developed a wide base to do charity works in Africa and Asia. The two close friends have a relationship with Ophelia Sage (Blake lively).
Then the trio received a video, shows several served heads and a chainsaw, from Mexico someone in cartel enforcer Miguel Lado Arroyo (Benicio Del Toro) and he demanded from them a meeting by the video he sends.  So Chon and Ben decided to take away their business and travel to Indonesia for one year with their friend Ophelia, but Lado’s crew kidnapped her and enforced the two friends to contact with him who threatens them to harm Ophelia if they do not to partner him, so the two friends speak to corrupt DEA agent Dennis Cain (John Travolta) who urges Chon and Ben to partner with the cartel.
Then the duo attacked a cartel truck with the help of Chon’s Navy Seal friends, and they killed seven of Elena‘s men. And they decide to frame the high ranking member in the cartel whose name is Alex (Demian Bichir) for the murders.
So Chon and ben falsify the evidence giving it to Lado with the help of Dennis, and the first tortures Alex. And before to be tortured he mentioned to Chon and Ben that Ophelia is still alive.
Lado is drugging and raping Ophelia while filming a video and she was in horrible living conditions and she asked to speak to someone. So finally she speaks with Elena.
They kidnapped Magda by the help of Dennis after they Bribed him to know her location and they send a video to Elena to manage for a meeting and informed her that her daughter is with them , but Elena asked them to know how tells them to the location of Magda and they said it is Lado.
In the end Elena tried to kill Lado but he shot her first, then he shot many times Chon, but Ben came and shot Lado, and Lado managed to kill Ben by shooting him in the neck but Ophelia killed him. After that Chon injects with a fatal overdose Ben and Ophelia so that they can die together. Lado steals Elena ‘s car and runaway and in the end everyone was arrested except Lado and Magda , but Dennis names Chon and Ben as his informants for many years , so they are released . Elena was sentenced in prison for 30 years, while El Azul and Lado create a new cartel (The Azulados). Chon and ben disappeared while Ophelia goes to live alone and she sometimes wonders where they are.
Actor/ Actress
Taylor Kitsch
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Blake Lively
Salma Hayek
Elena Sanchez
Benicio del Toro
Miguel ”Lado” Arroyo
John Travolta
Dennis Cain
Demian Bichir
Sandra Echeverria
Magdalena Sanchez
Emile Hirsch
Joaquin Cosio
El Azul
Mia Maestro
Dolores Arroyo
Amber Dixon
Shea Whigham
Joel David Moore
Diego Catano
Trevor Donovan
Ralph Echemendia
Jake McLaughlin
Alexander Wraith
Antonio Jaramillo
Sean Stone
Uma Thurman
Paqu Sage

Here you can see the trailer of the movie :


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