Thursday, 18 July 2013

10 Facts about Taylor kitsch

The first fact you should know about this star is he has two younger sisters and two older brothers so he is in the middle in age between his brothers and sisters.
The second fact is that he was playing hockey before he entered the Hollywood world but someday in a match he broke his knee and after that he was not allowed to play it again.

The third fact about him is moved into Los Angles in order to work as model after the knee injury which prevented him from playing his favorite game.
The fourth fact is that he has a strong structure and Sexy beautiful body addition to the handsome face.
The fifth fact is about his personal life, who does not have until now a girlfriend although all his fans thought that he has a relationships with the actress who acted with them in his movies, and this let the fans wonder a lot why this young man who became one of the famous people round the world does not have a girlfriend.
The sixth fact is he took the leading role in the famous movie Savages as Chon and this movie raised the rank of this player up.
The seventh fact is he has been acted 11 movie until this moments starting from 2006 which was his first movie as second role John Trucker Must Die.
The eighth fact is he has nominated five times for his works either his roles in movies or TV series.
The ninth fact is he prepared himself in his last movie entitled Lone Survivor by taking the role as Mike Murphy and this movie are post-production.
The ninth and the last one about this actor is he took the role of Gambit in the famous movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine and he excelled in his role so he nominated for people’s Choice Awards.
I hope you find funny by reading this article about our star Taylor Kitsch


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