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Taylor Kitsch Films

We will talk today about Taylor Kitsch Films As we know that our Canadian star who is 32 years old but he has a significant record of films made by where he began his way since 2006 and so far.
And let’s start the march of Taylor Kitsch Films in 2006, where the Canadian star acted three films in the same year which are:

·         John Tucker Must Die: in this film kitsch takes the role of Justin and the film is comedy, romance and high school American school which talks about two girls try to plot to break the heart of basketball player star John Tucker.
The film was made profits began 14 million during the opening week to almost 41 million in the second month of its opening
Cast: Arielle Kebbel, Sophia Bush, and Ashanti, Jesse Metcalfe, Brittany Snow.
·         Snakes on a Plane: Kitsch takes the role of Kyle "Crocodile" Cho who was attracted by snakes while he was having sex with his girlfriend in the plane, and this film is American Action Thriller film. This film had a great interest for viewers due to its title, but earnings expectations came contrary to expectations, as the film has achieved profits estimated at $ 15.25 during his opening week.
It speaks for the preparation of vipers which placed in a cage plane to bring down the plane before arriving to Los Angeles and kill the passengers who were on board.
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips, and Bobby Cannavale.
·         The Covenant: Taylor takes the role of Pogue Parry, and the movie was a critical failure so in the box office it wins $9 million in the opening week.
Cast: Steven Strait, Toby Hemingway, Chace Crawford and Sebastian Stan.

Now we move to 2008 during Taylor Kitsch Films
·         Gospel Hill: Taylor Kitsch takes the role of Joel Herrod. Social story speaks about the two characters one wants to build a golf course and the other opposed to this project.
Cast: Adam Baldwin, Angela Bassett, Tom Bower, Julia Stiles, and Chris Ellis.

The next Year during the way of Taylor Kitsch Films in 2009, he just acted one film and it make a wonderful step for him through it.
·         X-Men Origins: Wolverine: so in this film kitsch takes the role of Remy LeBeau, Gambit. It is wonderful action movie. The story speaks about the relation and violent between mutant wolverine and his half-brother Victor Creed.
The film wins great profits in its opening week
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Troye Sivan, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, and Lynn Collins.
  In 2010 Kitsch acted just one film
·         The Bang Bang Club: Taylor takes the role of Kevin Carter. Its story talks about four Photojournalists whose goes to South Africa in order to take the horrific pictures as portrayed by them during 2009 and 2010 after Nelson Mandela was being released.
So it is Canadian and African film.
Cast: Ryan Phillippe, Frank Rautenbach, and Neels Van Jaarsveld.
Now we will turn into 2012 that is full of Taylor Kitsch Films, he acted three films in the same year
·         John Carter:  Taylor took a starring role John Carter. American Film Fiction where he talks about the discovery of John Carter's civil war extraterrestrial.
I personally liked the film very much
Cast: Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton, Willem Dafoe, Mark Strong, and Thomas Haden Church.
·         Battleship: Taylor took a starring role as Lieutenant Alex Hopper who is U.S. officer in the Naval. The film is American army fictional and it talks about fictional war against Aliens.
Battleship had achieved several international awards, and made huge profits during its opening week.
Cast: Jeremy Renner, Diane Sawyer, and Tadanobu Asano.
·         Savages: the role of Kitsch in this movie is Chon. Oliver Stone asked to see scenes of Battleship to see how is the leading of Taylor in this movie and after seeing him he allocated to him an exclusive dialogue. The film talks about crime happened through the incidents of the story.
The film opened with profits about $16 million and reached in to $46 million.
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence,  Olivia Wilde, Teresa Palmer, and Abbie Cornish.
So up till this moment in this year, Taylor Kitsch had two movies we will know them
             Lone Survivor: the role of Taylor is Mike Murphy, but the film is post-production
             The Grand Seduction: Taylor acted as Dr. Lewis, and also this film is post- production.
So during our way in Taylor Kitsch Films we can see that his acting career was full of good films with short period of time which lasts just 8 years.


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