Sunday, 28 April 2013

Taylor Kitsch through Friday Night Flight

One of the best actions which done by Taylor Kitsch is Friday Night Flight. The new sexy actor Taylor Kitsch took his first step in Starring through this work.

Taylor Kitsch Interview

I will speak toady about his interview after three big movies which raised his career to be a starring in Hollywood world, so we will speak about Taylor Kitsch and what he said in his interview.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Taylor Kitsch Weight

During an interview with Men’s Health magazine the famous Canadian star Taylor Kitsch regretted of the decreasing weight sharply in order to play a starring role in his new film.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Taylor Kitsch Shirtless

I always hear my sister ask to see the star Taylor Kitsch shirtless in hot scenes. Whenever she saw his movies she hoped the same thing. I personally do not mind but with beautiful actress like Megan fox
So let’s speak a little about Taylor kitsch shirtless.
Despite the sharp decline in the movie John Carter, the Canadian star still has qualifications and elements that would enable him to be a leading Hollywood star in the future. Taylor Kitsch as I think that he needs only starring role in a new film contains romantic hot scenes we can see Taylor Kitsch shirtless in several scenes of the film. As in the case of Battleship where this sexy star who appeared shirtless.
And from here we see that Taylor Kitsch does not have greatest summer. But in new movie  I think it will be a bomb Box Office if Taylor Kitsch shirtless appear in different hot scenes through the film.
The appearance of Taylor Kitsch shirtless raises the degree of attention and watch for audience to the hot Canadian star since he has a steamy body , structure of bones ,and strong muscles and who is many people wish to see in movies or even with sexy romance scenes in addition to nice lights which make us interact with the actor and the scene.
As we know that Taylor was originally hockey player, but a break stopped his sports career and make it exposed to the world by another way of a representation. 
Now we are waiting Taylor Kitsch shirtless to appear in new film with what we mentioned before .
By the way …… I hope you have fun in my subject about our hero ……Goodbye

Taylor Kitsch Gossip

We'll talk about Taylor kitsch gossip which occurred during the Canadian superstar Taylor travel Taylor Kitsch to film Savages.
Yes it's funny and strange gossips which talks about Taylor and his problem there with the customs officers in in Philippines.
Now let’s start Taylor Kitsch Gossip, where he claimed during his travel to Philippines he was very irritated from the suspicious customs officers of Philippines as he described them.
But the worst was done when the official there tried to discredit everything kitsch claimed about the stories.
the star of Friday Night Flight and John Carter spoke in his interview with David Letterman about his travel from Japan to Philippines to film Savages there and a big problem was happened with customs officers of Philippines in the airport.
Taylor claimed that they asked him to return back to Japan because there was on exit visa on his passport when he went out Japan. So he persuaded the officers there that he is a famous Canadian actor and he came to film a movie through a movie trailer was been on his I-phone mobile.
The surprise Taylor Kitsch gossip was happened when the Philippine Custom chief Ruffy Biazon opposed allegations of the Canadian star, noting that he did not have any exit stamp on his passport from the country which he came from it and that his officers did not have the powers that entitle them to stamp any passport.
Part of the movie Savages was Filmed in Bali which is part of Indonesia and not Philippines.
Perhaps the misunderstanding occurred in Taylor kitsch gossip between Taylor and customs officers of Philippines, because the film was in Indonesia and not Philippines.
Or was the fact that Philippine officers were in truth immigration officers and were not customs officers, so they were angered by Taylor.
After all it's a great gossip about Taylor kitsch, you should hear about so do not fall into the same trouble like stars.
Our appointment with a new gossip………….Goodbye

Taylor Kitsch’s Girlfriend

I watched last night with my family the movie John Carter, and we like very much the performance of the actor Taylor kitsch. So I just want to know who Taylor Kitsch’s girlfriend is in order to get a general idea about this brilliant star in the first place.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Taylor Kitsch Films

We will talk today about Taylor Kitsch Films As we know that our Canadian star who is 32 years old but he has a significant record of films made by where he began his way since 2006 and so far.
And let’s start the march of Taylor Kitsch Films in 2006, where the Canadian star acted three films in the same year which are:

Taylor Kitsch Bio

I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine yesterday and it is wonderful movie and impressed very much by the performance of the actor who took the role of Gambit, so I wanted to talk about the owner who is Taylor Kitsch so let’s know something about our Taylor Kitsch Bio

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