Monday, 3 June 2013

'Taylor Kitsch’ Officially Apologizes for the Second Part of 'Hunger Games'

A few days after his nomination for one of the key roles in the second part of the film 'Hunger Games', which carries the name 'flames', the young actor apologized «Taylor kitsch» from participating in the work.
The name 'kitsch' came along with fellow «Army Hummer» and «Jarrett Hydlewd », one of whom shall have a key role in the second part of the film, which was considered a good chance given the success of the first part.
However, the 'kitsch' responded on the news in a press statement to his agent, in which he said that «read news of his nomination for the role of newspapers, and his participation in the film, something that will not happen, with appreciation to all the staff.
Despite the young actor starring for two films huge budget this year, the two 'John Carter' and 'warship', but that the two had made a major failure at the box office, in contrast, the film 'Hunger Games' is the second most movies income year.
Nominations remain until now pending between the 'Hammer' and «Hydlewd», to share «Jennifer Lawrence» movie which will begin filming in August.
On the other hand, after news emerged that the hero of the second part of the movie The Hunger Game, which carries the name of Catching Fire confined between three names of candidates who are Taylor kitsch, Army Hammer, Jarrett Hydlewd, announced Taylor Kitsch that he will not attend part of the new film, limited choices between Hammer and Hydlewd.
Interestingly, the young actor has recently starred in my film 'John Carter' and 'Battleship' budgets huge However, they did not achieve revenue expected of them, and thus comes refused the young star up in the second part of the Hunger Games a bit strange, especially since the film has achieved when it was introduced success critical mass and senior.
According to the site EW, kitsch refused The Hunger Games backs to the actor will be busy in the filming of his new movie 'Lone Survivor' with director Peter Berg.


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