Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Taylor Kitsch and John Carter

John Carter is based on the adventures of John Carter, the lead character Mars Series by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The film is directed by Andrew Stanton, written by Stanton,
Mark Andrews and Michael Chabon, produced by Jim Morris, Colin Wilson, and Lindsey Collins, and music composed by Michael Giacchino. The film was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and was released on March 9, 2012. Filming began in November 2009 and filming lasted from January to July 2010. The film also marks the first time that Andrew Stanton working on a live action film, following his work on Pixar movies like Finding Nemo and Wall-E. This is the second time that Lynn Collins Taylor Kitsch and work together, the first was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
The plot of John Carter:
John Carter is a veteran of the Civil War that is inexplicably teleported to Mars (or Barsoom, its original name). The planet is mired in a bloody war between two sides: Helium and Zodanga. Soon meet Tars Tarkas, king of the Tharks, and Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium. This will attempt to convince him of the importance of saving his people, massacred by Sab Than, Zodangan king, who has a terribly destructive weapon. In this war also involved the Therns, mysterious beings who seem to have their own plans. Unwittingly, John Carter rediscovers his human side when he realizes that the fate of Barsoom and its people is in your hands.
Budget and fund of John Carter:
John Carter had one of the biggest budgets in the history of Disney, 250 million dollars, however, the failure at the box office has made the producer announced that this film production will last structural losses of about 200 million, making it one of the worst commercial failures in the history of cinema, although it seems that their success outside the U.S. will be much lower failure in Russia the film achieved strong box office receipts while in Latin American countries was positioned in the top box office to Premiere the Hunger Games, the film managed to recover 250 million investments.
The Movie’s cast are: Taylor Kitsch as leading John Carter, Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris, Samantha Morton as Sola, Willem Dafoe as Tars Tarkas, Thomas Haden Church as Tal Hajus, Mark Strong as Matai Shang, Ciaran Hinds as Sab Than, James Purefoy as Colonel Powell, Polly Wallker as Sarkoja, Daryl Sabara as Edgar Rice Buroughs, Nicholas Woodesson as Dalton, Don Stark as Dix, David Schwimmer as Young Thark Warrior, Jon Favreau as Thark Bookie, and Art Malik as Zodangan General.


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