Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Story of John Carter and Taylor Kitsch Role

In the film, 'John Carter' is originally from the province of British Columbia, a veteran participated in the civil war, but he suddenly finds himself on Mars the middle of another civil war.
He was looking for gold in the desert Southwest. Now, he faces the deadly adventure on a planet like a desert, and faces problems similar to those experienced in his country.
Kitsch: Author Burroughs was ahead of its time and his work was fiction scientific include an important social element. But unfortunately, we are still talking yet about most of the things that were addressed in such as racism, religion and civil wars, and now we are fighting the same conflicts hundred years later.
kitsch Did not recognize if awaiting the results of box office revenues in some tension after the opening of the film, or is he worried even know if the first excerpts from the film Battleship, which shows a naval confrontation with aliens, would raise the audience laughed. According Oohli, kitsch need not worry because he has the attractive appearance and good skill and will find inevitably future roles in other films even though it may not necessarily reap millions of dollars in revenue.
Kitsch stresses that simply trying to enjoy this experience: «others think the next phase: Do you issue a second or third part of the movie John Carter? Will the film Battleship become a series of several parts? Personally, I live the present.
Kitsch involved in the film Savages, directed by Oliver Stone has been playing the role of a soldier in the Navy in the Lone Survivor movie directed by Peter Berg (director of the film Battleship).
Explains kitsch: «proud group figures that embodied in recent years is no doubt I am happy because I worked with amazing people like Banysio del Toro, Oliver Stone (Savages), and Peter Berg and Liam Neeson (Battleship), and William Dafoe and Andrew Stanton (John Carter). I plan to play a serious and very brave in the next phase. All I hope does not have to work in front of a green screen this time. I've had enough of it at present.


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