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The Normal Heart

The Normal Heart is a new film in which our star Taylor kitsch participates and starring in . and he can added it to his set of fantastic movies and works , so we will know some information about the film and its story before watching it .
It is 2014 American drama TV film based on his own 1985 play of same name . it is written by Larry Kramer and directed by
Ryan Murphy.  The normal Heart is to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 26, 2014.
It stars Matt Bomer , Mark Ruffalo , Taylor kitsch , Alfred Molina , Joe Mantello , and Julia Roberts.
Plot of the film:
The incidents of  the film resolves largely around the autobiographical play by Larry Kramer. The film focuses on the rise of the HIV-AIDS crisis between 1981 and 1984 in New York from the view point of the writer / activist , who is Jewish-American gay founder of a prominent HIV advocacy group. 
Ned prefers loud public faces to the calmer while his friends , associates , and lovers Felix Turner prefer more private. So they always led by their differences to frequent arguments which it may threaten their mutual goal.
In the summer of 1981 Ned travels to the gay resort community of Fire Island Pines on Long Island in order to celebrate the birthday of his friend Graig in a house at the beach with presence of other friends Micky Marcus and Bruce Niles who recently started to date Graig and has many differences with Ned.
Graig is beautiful and strong  young and appears in strong health but while she was walking on the beach feels dizzy and collapses but she recovers quickly , and another time when she was blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, he begins to cough repeatedly.
during his returning back to New York Ned reads an article in the New York Times about Rare Cancer Diagnosed in 41 Homosexuals. So visits Dr. Emma Brookner who is a strong –willed physician and has many patients suffered from rare cancer which harm only people whose immune systems have been compromised .  
Dr. Brookner examined Ned and finds that he does not have the symptoms of this disease. So she asked him to help her arise the awareness of this disease within the gay community . 
Craig was brought to the hospital accompanied with Ned and Mickey from violent convulsions but he pronounced dead, and Dr. Brookner recognizes Bruce because he was a boyfriend of another one of her patients who recently died of the same disease.
Many local gay men are gathered at Ned home in order to hear Dr. Brookner information about this disease. She believes that this disease comes from sexually transmissible and all gay should stop having sex to prevent new transmissions. Ned announces that he wants to spread information about this disease to those who have been infected.
Ned and many other friends establish a community organization they called it Gay Men’s health Crisis, for organizing fundraisers for research on the disease which called now AIDS and establish hotline , counseling and other services.
Ned contacts a gay named Felix who is New York reporter in order to use his media to publish ore stories about the unfolding disease. They start a romantic relationship. 
The disease spread and claims the lives of many people . and Dr. Brookner attempts to obtain grant money was rejected by the government , and she gets angry and screaming that may all people will die if no one in  the government concern. Felix has died also and leaves everything he has to Ned . 


Actor /Actress
Mark Ruffalo
Alexander 'Ned' Weeks
Matt Bomer
Felix Turner
Taylor Kitsch
Bruce Niles
Jim Parsons
Tommy Boatwright
Julia Roberts
Dr. Emma Brookner
Joe Mantello
Mickey Marcus
Alfred Molina
Ben Weeks
B.D. Wong
Jonathan Groff
Craig Donner
Stephen Spinella
Finn Wittrock
Denis O'Hare
Hiram Keebler
Corey Stoll
John Bruno
Danielle Ferland


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