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Taylor kitsch in The Covenant

It is a 2006 American thriller movie directed by Renny Harlin and written by J.S. Cardone. It has a lot of stars like Steven Strait , Taylor kitsch , Chace Crawford , Toby Hemingway , Laura Ramsey , Jessica Lucas and Sebastian Stan.

The film was ratted %3 on Rotten Tomatoes despite the positive base of fans so the film was a critical failure

Plot of The Covenant:

The story of the film starts in 1962, during the trails of Salem witch , where five Ipswich Colony of Massachusetts families formed a covenant of silence to protect their families and their powers from the witch hunters. But one family were banished from the land as a result of their transgression.
Flash forward to the new millennium where the four sons of Ipswich become now the student elite at the prestigious Spenser Academy. the student are Caleb Danvers ( Steven Strait ) , Pogue Parry ( Taylor Kitsch ) , Tyler Simms ( Chace Crawford ) and Reid Garwin ( Tony Hemingway) boys on campus. 

The four friends are 300 years old secret they share that they are warlocks , and the teenage descendants of a 17th-century coven of witches , the five families of 1692.
The four teens share a secret in order to protect their families for hundreds of years  swearing to silence.

But the fifth long-lost son appears  Chase Collins (Sebastian Stan) , but he was more powerful comparing with the four warlocks , he starts to threaten to kill their loved unless Caleb wills him his powers . the four sons realize they should face him  preventing from stealing their powers and shattering the Covenant forever.

So the battle for the safety of the Covenant and prevent who will reveal their secret once for all.

Actor / Actress
Steven Strait
Caleb Danvers
Taylor kitsch
Pogue Parry
Toby Hemingway
Reid Farwin
Chace Crawford
Tyler Simms
Sebestian Stan
Chace Collins
Laura Ramsey
Sarah Wenham
Sarah Smyth
Kira Snider
Jessica Lucas
Kate Tunny
Kyle Schmid
Aaron Abbot
Wendy Crewson
Evelyn Danvers
Stephen McHattie
William DanversIII
Kenneth Welsh
Provost Higgins
Jon McLaren
Bordy Becklin


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