Thursday, 13 November 2014

Taylor kitsch reveals his relationships casts of Friday Night lights

The show of Friday Night Lights is still important to star Taylor Kitsch although it’s been nearly four years since it went off the air.

The 33 years old actor who played the role of the heartthrob Tim Riggins in this big series , reveals his relationship with some of the series casts saying that he’s still close with several of co-stars of the series including star Connie Britton who played the role of Nashville.
Derek Philips is still one of my close friends , we are very close friends he played my brother as role of Kyle. He continued that he and Derek ride motorcycles all the time together .  but he said that he didn’t see Porter since his wedding.
Taylor Kitsch lives now in Austin , in the same place where the show was filmed, and has all Riggins jerseys in his closet.
Taylor said that his friendships are not all taken from his time on the series.
He said that he keeps good memories of the show close to his heart , which it considered for him as the big favorite which are the big lasts.
He added that the last scene was a very heavy for them , it was pretty incredible for everyone . he said they had the whole crew and people who had been there the last five years, concluding that there are so many good memories .
He really was spoiled on that show , and Riggins last game was too hard, but it was a big day.


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