Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Taylor Kitsch reveals most important review of all

The battleship star talks about the pressure he felt during portraying national hero Lt. Michael Murphy, a hero Navy Seal who was killed by Taliban as he tried to save his men.

Our star could not sleep for days as he waited for the most important time in his life for the critical review for his career in this big role. 

Kitsch was praised by the father of the fallen national hero after watching his role in the screen of the war drama.

It is hard mission for the former Friday Night Lights star to offer his best and portray the death of hero seal when he shot by Taliban as he sacrificed himself in order to safe his men in a courageous attempt.

So would Daniel Murphy handle seeing a reenactment of the death of his son?
Taylor Kitsch said that he knew that Daniel was seeing it and he does not know how he would have handled it if Daniel and family weren’t happy with it.

Michael’s mother Maureen said after seeing the movie that Mike does not look like him, but Taylor captured the essence of her son, his mannerisms, expressions, sense of humor.

Peter Berg said about the movie that when we hear they’re thinking about sending troops somewhere we want to understand what the real price we have to pay, we have rights as citizens to understand who guys like Mike Murphy were.

The movie follow the true events that unfolded on June 28, 2005 when Murphy led a four man Navy Seal team on a mission in a remote mountainous region in Afghanistan ‘s Kunar Province. The team was compromised by three unarmed goat herders, and one of them was young teen stumbled on their location.

And Murphy has two decision in order to pass this problem the first decision is to kill them and continue their mission , and the second one let them pass and expose his team to danger of being visible.

So he chose the second one and they besieged by a much larger enemy force and killed all but one soldier could to run away.


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