Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lone survivor a death fever in Afghanistan

Lone Survivor inspired by the book of the same title, for Marcus Luttrell, a former soldier in the maritime States, who tells the story of his surviving after his team was ambushed in Afghanistan. 

Marcus was sent to Afghanistan after receiving training period in 2005, two thousand and five where he participated in Red Wings Operation, which targeted the militia of anti-coalition forces to stabilize before the legislative elections.
The film directed by Peter Berg, starring Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Kitsch, it has released in New York.
The director says: "It was important for actors to fully perform roles where they received harsh training period, but they did not reach the level of Marcos. It was a way to know the band experience and the hardships faced by the soldiers.
Marcus band was tracing Mohammed Ismail, known as Ahmad Shah. They were identified by the local goat herders. But they knew about themselves as civilians. After two hours this band has ambushed.

Mark Wahlberg says “We were confronted with several bets for the implementation of the film about Afghanistan. But logistically it was extremely difficult and cannot compare with the suffering of the soldiers and their sacrifices.
Taylor Kitsch: Specifically we faced several challenges. And it had to give these soldiers the right on several levels. And we do it to feel their families proud of what have made.
Emile Hirsch says: I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to tell the story of these young men they were in a marine band and died, and they have friends and family come to watch the movie.
The attack came from three sides, and the bullets were shot for weapons of different calibers. Three soldiers of the team were killed while leaving Marcus unconscious, and suffering many injuries.
The film will be released in Europe end of this month.


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