Thursday, 12 December 2013

Taylor Kitsch says that he will never do Friday Night Lights Movie

The star Taylor Kitsch has ruled out the news and rumors speaking about his participating in a Friday Night Lights reunion.
Earlier the producer of the show Peter berg declared that a movie spinoff is unlikely, and this came after the fact of calling for a revival by many fans and some of cast members.
Taylor Kitsch, who played in the NBC series Tim Riggins, declared that he has no interest in revisiting Friday Night Lights movie.
He said that he just said no, no period, he is not doing it, and Taylor was very insisting.
The former player said that he is never gonna be in that movie (Friday Night Lights). There already a movie and the show had ended, that’s enough.
The star of Battleship Taylor Kitsch said he is very nervous, he was sitting in a Boardroom and Peter Berg came and brought him down this long hallway as he claimed, they were doing improv with him (Taylor) as Riggns.
Taylor went on in his speech about Friday Night Lights and Peter Berg, saying that Berg was interviewing him (Taylor) like as ESPN reporter… Taylor described him (Berg) as a guy’s guy, and there was a real quick connection, and even they shoot the Flight Night Lights, they were working pretty darn well together as Taylor claimed.
The former star of Taylor Scott Porter has said recently that he also not keen to do a Friday Night Lights movie again.
So may our star Taylor Kitsch have another project in his future or he does not like to do it according to strange reasons, what you think?


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