Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Kyle XY

Kyle XY: is American television drama series revolves around Kyle boy who woke up in a forest outside Seattle as new born boy on life, but 16-year-old.
Story of the series
Kyle who plays the role the actor Matt Dallas appeared in the forest and was completely naked to find himself in the streets of the city of Seattle does not know anything. Police arrest him and transport him to a youth care center.
Kyle begins to observe around him in order to learn first acquaintance of food, drink and talk.
A Social processor is Nicole Trajr, and played by actress Marguerite MacIntyre impressed with this boy and curiosity of him especially as he does not have a family and take him to her house to recognize him from up close.
Family members resent the onset of Kyle but with time he becomes a family and devote his car garage as a separate room with his tub " " to sleep because it was found tranquility and only sleep in the bathtub.
Kyle amazes everyone supernatural abilities in learning and assimilation, then he attached to the school to begin a new chapter in learning the basics of life.
He becomes Closer than a friend " Laurie Trajr " and played by actress April Matson is the daughter of the family that adopted Kyle, Kyle and a friend of Lori and who claims " Declan " become very close friends .
Kyle begins his quest for questions: who he is, who his parents are, why he has no memories....
Hence Kyle’s story begins in the search for answers to these questions.
Kyle Discovers while researching the help of "Tom Foss - Nicholas Lea" which was sponsored by a Jenin and help his friend Declan as the product of a scientific experiment carried out by the company that cloned cells "Adam Palin-J. Eddie Peck", and that he was in an incubator artificial for a period of 16 years and over this period was the experiments stroke it to store huge amount of data confidently and attempt to raise the mental and physical abilities to the maximum.
Kyle was carrying the company's 781 227 number and symbol xy.
Jesse was an eccentric Girl for them and was visiting Nicole constantly psychiatric treatment and then she loved Declan friend Kyle and began to show strong interest in him did not go days even she began bother to Kyle and then Kyle knew her reality and it is reproduced just like him, and that " Jesse -Jaimie Alexander”, which bear the symbol xx has been doing the same experiment with the same company. And they began their journey together to search for the truth and questions by constantly and do not have an answer...
Kyle and Jesse Directed to the road carved on the ring Kyle who gave him Adam Pailin his innovative in the middle of the woods, they were able to find a hut Old abandoned and then reached back to Adam, who would have thought Kyle was killed was in a coma could Kyle help Jesse to communicate with him and finally said: .. . Kyle stopped her betrayed you...
Jesse fled toward the woods crying Kyle asked her about the reason why betrayed why the information is quoted from his head , but she replied that she could not prevent herself and she said you should not trust me ..... And threw her from the top of the waterfall...............


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