Sunday, 1 September 2013

Taylor Kitsch in Lone Survivor

Taylor Kitsch made a great role in Lone Survivor which is action war film. The film released in 2013 and peter Berg had written and directed it. Lone Survivor is based on real events.
It has limited release on 27 December 2013 but it has a wide release on 10 January 2014. The film has group of great actors and actress Mark Wahlberg- Taylor Kitsch- Eric Bana- Emily Hirsch- Ben Foster and Alexander Ludwig.
Lone Survivor based on seal team who failed in its mission it is during the war in Afghanistan and all of the members killed or captured.
Peter Berg wrote the script of the film for several years ago but he was waiting for the agreeing  to direct battleship and he was embedded with a seal team in Iraq. The filming took place in New Mexico in 2012.
Lone Survivor is a good film and it took a lot of fans and it achieved more than 10 million dollars and took the number one in the box office.
Taylor Kitsch as usual made a great role in Lone Survivor and he adds a lot to the film because he has a lot of fans who wait him a new films and that increase the people who watch the film. Lone Survivor also adds a lot to Taylor and to his art way because it is good film and it contains a lot of great actors and actress.
The role of Taylor Kitsch in this film is different from the last roles which he did because Lone Survivor needs more efforts from him and it needs new technics. Taylor felt tired through the filming because the hard condition of the film but the result was great in the end and he was very satisfied about his work and about this great film.  


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